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Welcome to PARI

Where Science Excites the Imagination. PARI is a Public Not-For-Profit Foundation which relies on generous contributions from our FRIENDS to support our mission.

What's New at PARI - September 15, 2014 - September 19, 2014

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Friends of PARI To Celebrate PARI Accomplishments on September 12th

On Friday, September 12th Friends of PARI members came to PARI for our annual Friends of PARI Annual Meeting and Symposium. The guest speaker for the event was Brevard College Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Dr. Scott Sheffield. Refreshments were served. Guests visited PARI's newly constructed Nature Center with its outdoor planetarium. Our Distinguished Supporters, Student Scholars and Distinguished Faculty Associate were all recognized. The President's Award recipient for 2014 was Dr. Bob Hayward. Go to PHOTOS to see pictures from the event. Go to DISTINGUISHED SUPPORTERS to see a list of the 2014 Distinguished Supporters. Click PAST FOP EVENTS to see pictures from previous Annual Meetings and Symposia.

PARI Welcomes Visitors to Our Campus

Each year, thousands of visitors come to PARI to experience science at PARI. Daily visitors take self-guided tours. PARI works with groups to arrange especially tailored visits to the PARI campus. Click 2014 VISITORS to see recent pictures of our visitors. Click PAST VISITORS to see pictures from previous years. Also, each Wednesday at 2:00 pm, PARI's volunteer docents lead guided tours of our campus and include an overview video and a walking tour of the main program and research areas of the PARI campus. Visitors are encouraged to bring cameras to take pictures. The PARI campus is handicapped accessible. Click WEDNESDAY TOUR PHOTOS to see pictures of visitors from our Wednesday tours since 2007. We also regularly host visiting groups of students and their teachers. Click STUDENT GROUP PHOTOS to pictures of these groups.

PARI Holds Inaugural Earth and Sky Camp

Working in conjunction with the Transylvania 4-H staff PARI conducted the inaugural Earth and Sky Camp the week of August 4th. Boys and girls, ages 11-14 participated in the program involving field studies at PARI. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from the program.

August Evening at PARI Featured a NASA Scientist

The Friday, August 8, 2014 Evening at PARI program featured at presentation by NASA Scientist Mitzi Adams who discussed her research on the Sun and Solar Activities. More than thirty visitors attended the program that evening. In addition to Mitzi's talk visitors heard about PARI from President Don Cline. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from the evening the evening program. Click PAST PROGRAM PHOTOS to see pictures from past Evening at PARI events.Click MEMBERSHIP AND REGISTRATION to find out how to become a member and attend the September Friends of PARI Annual Meeting and Symposium or for future Evening at PARI events.

3-D Planets Program At PARI

Fourteen girls, ages 9-13 participated in a week-long program called 3-D planets from Monday, July 21-25, 2014. The program is sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from the program.

Duke Talent Identification Program At PARI This Summer

Once again, PARI hosted the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) this summer. After a very successful program, the thirty Duke TIP students are leaving PARI Monday, June 30th after two weeks of intensive study of astronomy and astrophysics. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from the program. The program, which included students from around the country, was run by PARI's Science Director Dr. Michael Castelaz and Education Director Christi Whitworth. This was the thirteenth year that the program was hosted at PARI.Click PAST PROGRAMS to see pictures from previous TIP programs.

PARI's Curator of Meteorites and Gems Give a Talk

PARI's Curator of Meteorites and Gems John Sinclair gave a talk to the Greensboro Astronomy Club on Friday, July 18, 2014. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from his talk.

Career Academy Visits PARI Again This Year

Twenty six Transylvania County School educators and administrators visited PARI on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 as part of the 2014 Career Academy sponsored by Transylvania County Schools and Blue Ridge Community College. Dave Clavier, Michael Castelaz, Thurburn Barker, Mark Krochmal and Alex Armstrong showed the group around the PARI campus and told them about our programs. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from their visit.

WCU Leadership Team Visits PARI

Chancellor David Belcher brought the Western Carolina University leadership team to PARI on Thursday, May 15, 2014. The visit was part of a regional tour by the WCU Leadership Academy. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from their visit. After dinner the group was treated to beautiful nighttime skies for observations.

World Renowned Astronomer Visits PARI

On Thursday March 27, 2014 noted astronomer Jay Pasachoff, along with his wife, Naomi, and friends Ira and Violette Blumenthal visited PARI as guests of President Don Cline. Jay is the world's most distinguished researcher of solar eclipses and has observed 58 eclipses of the sun during his career. He is the Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass and chair of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Eclipses. While at PARI, Jay gave a talk on, "Observing Total Solar Eclipses." Jay was in North Carolina to give a lecture at GTCC as part of the North Carolina Science Festival. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from their visit.

PARI Goes To The NC General Assembly

President Don Cline, Vice President Dave Clavier and Communications Director John Avant were in Raleigh at the NC General Assembly on Tuesday, May 20th to participate in STEM Day at the General Assembly. Legislators, staff and members of the general public stopped by the PARI table to hear about the exciting things happening at PARI. Representative Chris Whitmire, who represents Transylvania County, spent time briefing the PARI team on what is happening and planned for the 2104 session of the General Assembly. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from their visit.

PARI Holds Another Successful Homeschool Day

PARI staff once again conducted a successful Homeschool Day at PARI program on Friday, March 14, 2014. Students and their parents learned about the Solar Systeem. Classes were led by Dr. Bob Hayward, Ben Goldsmith and Mark Krochmal. Click HOMESCHOOL PHOTOS to see photographs from the day's activities.

Scientists at PARI Photograph M82 Galaxy Supervova (SN2014J)

On Thursday evening, January 23, 2014 PARI astrophotographers Alex Armstrong and Ken Steiner photographed supernova SN2014J. The supernova was first observed on January 21, 2104 by students at the University College of London Observatory. This bright supernova is a magnitude 12 in the galaxy M82. The M82 galaxy is approximately 12 million light years from Earth. They used their Nikon D800 camera with a Tamron 200mm f/5 lens and no filter. A supernova is the explosion of a massive star which can sometimes outshine the nucleus of its host galaxy. The explosion is seen as a rapid brightening over a few days, fading over a period of a few weeks. Click PHOTOS to see pictures of the supernova and other objects.

Statesville High School Class of 1956 Visits PARI

Members of the Class of 1956 from Statesville High School and their families joined fellow Alum Don Cline for a very special STAR PARTY on Friday and Saturday, April 11-12 at PARI. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from their visit. They heard a presentation by Director of Education Christi Whitworth on the "Effects of Living in Space." The skies cooperated with beautiful nighttime viewing. Don Cline gave an overview of PARI and our APDA program. Science Director Dr. Michael Castelaz gave them a demonstration of Smiley. They toured APDA. And they toured the rest of the site, including the Parks Observation Deck and the newly constructed hiking trails from Jo's Cove.

PARI Is Once Again Active At The AAS Meeting

PARI staff and the Don Cline Intern are attending the 223rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society Meeting in Washington DC the week of January 6-10, 2014. The Cline Intern, Cameron Lemley (Columbia University), presented a poster on the "Design of a 1420 MHz Receiver for a 12-meter Telescope." President Don Cline presented a poster entitled, "Survey, Fields, and Collections in the Astronomical Photographic Data Archive at PARI." Science Director Dr. Michael Castelaz presented a poster entitled, "A Long Term High-Cadence Nova Survey." Education Director Christi Whitworth is working on a NASA sponsored team and will be presenting as well. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from the Meeting.

PARI's 2013 Annual Report and the Winter 2014 VIEW Newsletter Now Available On-Line

The 2013 Annual Report is now available on-line by clicking Annual Report. The Winter 2014 newsletter, VIEW, is now available on-line by clicking VIEW NEWSLETTER. This issue contains many interesting articles about the activities at PARI, including: The staff at professional meetings, the 50th Anniversary Site celebration, Dr. Michael Castelaz' Research report and Dr. Bob Hayward's Astronomer's Corner article on upcoming astronomical events in 2014.

PARI Story Spreads on Social Media

Working with our friends from MCNC and led by communications professionals Noah Garrett and John Avant, the PARI story went viral on social media. Click PARI STORY to see the story as it ran on the NC STEM Learning Network Blog. The story also ran on the WRAL TechWire and several Facebook and Twitter accounts, including both MCNC's and PARI's. Special thanks go to PARI's Education Director Christi Whitworth for managing the PARI end. A second story entitled "Broadband helps NC reach for the stars through mountain institute," was published on WRAL TechWire on Monday, April 22nd. Click BROADBAND to read this story.

PARI Participates in Grassroots Science Retreat

PARI staff will participate in the upcoming NC Grassroots Science Museum Collaborative annual retreat January 27-28, 2014 in Greensboro, NC. Don Cline, Dave Clavier and Christi Whitworth will attend. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from previous RETREATS. The Collaborative represents 30 science organizations across North Carolina. The Collaborative museums, including PARI, serve 3.8 million visitors annually.

SciGirls Will Learn About Insulation

The January 28, 2014 SciGirls programs will feature a presentation on the effects of insulation on structures.  Click NEWS RELEASE to read about plans for the January program. SciGirls events are for girls ages 9-14 and are scheduled the last Tuesday of each month during the school year. The participation fee is $10 per student. Program details, specific hours and registration details can be found on the PARI website. Click REGISTER to sign up for an upcoming program. Join the PARI team and find new connections to science for year-round enjoyment and exploration.  Find out more about the national programming for SciGirls at

Recent Astrophotography Taken at PARI

PARI Distinguished Supporter Richard S. Wright, Jr. was on campus this October and captured some spectacular nighttime images. Click PHOTOS to see photographs taken by him during his visit. Richard, a frequent visitor to PARI, came to PARI to deliver recently acquired space shuttle artifacts from the Kennedy Space Center and to attend the October Evening at PARI program. Richard's photographs have been featured at PARI several times. One of his photos of Jo's Cove was used as the cover for the 2011 PARI Annual Report. You can see more of Richard's astro imaging at his website at

PARI featured in Everyone's Universe Book

PARI was listed in the recently published book, Everyone's Universe - A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places. The book, by Noreen Grice, lists observatories that make viewing the sky accessible to everyone. Click PHOTOS to see the listing. PARI is proud to have been listed and to have recently hosted several groups including visitors with special needs.

Volunteers Make PARI Work to Accomplish our Mission

PARI is fortunate to have a number of dedicated volunteers who help with many important tasks at PARI. On Saturday, February 26th several volunteers came to PARI to help lay new cables in the Cline Adminsitration Building and to construct a Wildlife Photography Blind. Click PHOTOS to see pictures from that Volunteer Day. Another example of a very important volunteer project is the PARI GALAXY WALK, which was recently refurbished. Also, the Friends of PARI are responsible for one of our very important optical telescopes called PARI SKY. To find our more about volunteering at PARI contact Friends of PARI President John Boehme at or our Director of Education Christi Whitworth at

Photos of the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

Located on the site of the former NASA Rosman Tracking Station in the Pisgah National Forest, PARI offers an unparalleled opportunity for people of all ages to experience the wonders of scientific research first hand. Click PHOTOS to see pictures of PARI taken at various times throughout the year.

We Want To Hear from You

We would like to know what you think about our web site. Click SURVEY to take a very short on-line survey to give us your opinion about the site.

Recent Publications

Our 2013 Annual Report is now available to be downloaded (pdf). PARI's Spring/Summer 2014 newsletter can be found at: Spring/Summer VIEW Newsletter (pdf). The 2014 PARI Summer Student Research Proceedings (pdf) are now available on-line.

PARI is a public not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing hands-on educational and research opportunities for a broad cross-section of users in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.


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