15 Carat Emerald now on Display

One of NC’s largest faceted emeralds now on display

North Carolina is the only state in the U.S. where large gem-grade emeralds are found. The 15-carat faceted specimen currently on display in the PARI Exhibit Gallery is one of the largest ever cut.

The PARI collection also includes hundreds of other museum-grade specimens from North Carolina and other sites around the world.

The meteorite section of the Gallery includes a specimen from 1492 that is a piece of the very first meteorite documented to have fallen to earth. The Gallery includes meteorite specimens that have been gathered from around the world and includes pieces of Mars and the Earth’s Moon.

Located in the Cline Administration Building, the Exhibit Gallery is open 9-4 Monday through Saturday and is included as part of the campus general admission fee: $6 per person ($18 max per family), children 10 and under free.

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