Facilities & Support

Facilities & Support

Construction began at the PARI site in 1962, when NASA selected the location for one of the nation’s first satellite tracking stations. During the next three decades NASA and the Department of Defense invested several hundred million dollars in the 200-acre campus. PARI acquired a significant portion of that investment and has invested millions of dollars in facility upgrades.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Constructed by the U.S. government to be secure and self-sustaining, PARI currently has 100,000 square feet of temperature-controlled floor space including 30,000 square feet of raised floor space. The infrastructure includes a water system, power generation, fire protection, wastewater treatment, and security systems. These systems were built to NASA’s exacting standards and most are redundant.

For a list of structures and systems, click here.

Site Support

PARI personnel, office space and support equipment are available to visiting scientists for assistance with research projects. Fees are negotiated on a project basis. For more information about site support, click here.

IT Infrastructure

PARI’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is built upon three foundations:

  • Network connectivity through campus-wide fiber-optic backbones and direct fiber to both the commodity Internet and the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN)
  • Network services and storage capacity provided by server-grade hardware and software in redundant on-campus data centers
  • Network and service high-availability through carrier-grade power filtering and power interruption backup systems

For IT infrastructure details, click here.

Rates & Fees

Specific rates and fees for each project must be negotiated with the PARI Research Director, Ben Goldsmith. You may contact him at: 828-862-5554 or bgoldsmith@nullpari.edu.

For a general overview of rates and fees, click here. Rates for instrument usage and staff support are included after the public visitation and programs sections.