Mountain Skies

Mountain Skies is a column appearing twice a month in The Transylvania Times newspaper, Brevard, NC. Written by a PARI astronomer, the column covers the upcoming two weeks of night-sky observing opportunities in Western North Carolina and includes information regarding the constellations, stars, moon phases, planets and other celestial bodies that are visible to the casual observer. Astronomical explanations and terminology are defined where necessary. Each column is accompanied by a graphic that illustrates a concept or event mentioned in the narrative. Many of these graphics are star charts to assist the reader in locating the object(s) referenced.

PARI’s Astronomical Advisories provide more information on the events mentioned in Mountain Skies. The Astronomical Advisories are notices of astronomical events and are distributed to media outlets throughout the region. They appear regularly in a number newspapers and newsletters. Many are also used by radio stations and referenced by television stations during nightly weather forecasts or special programming.

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