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About PARI

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Important facts about PARI.

Public Programs
Opportunities for the public to visit, tour, volunteer
PARI regularly hosts workshops for a wide cross section of scientific enthusiasts.
PARI is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing hands-on educational and research opportunities for a broad cross-section of users in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.
PARI Photo Gallery
Photos taken at PARI
PARI Videos
Video productions about PARI produced by UNC-TV, PBS and EMC.
How To Help PARI
PARI's success is dependent upon volunteers, tax-deductible financial contributions, and donated equipment. PARI is a not-for-profit foundation recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3).
50th Anniversary Materials
PARI Web Tours
PARI Web Cameras
WebCams around the PARI site
History of PARI - The Rosman Satellite Tracking Station
PARI's roots are a direct spin-off of the space age. Here is a copy of the original NASA brochure describing the Rosman Satellite Tracking Station.
Fact Sheets
One-page overviews of PARI, our programs and resources.
Newsletter Archive
PARI's Newsletter, the View.
Distinguished Supporters
Each year at the Friends of PARI Annual Meeting and Symposium PARI recognizes our Distinguished Supporters
News Releases
PARI Press Releases
Mountain Skies
Semi-monthly look at the night sky
Published Articles Archive
Pdf copies of published articles about PARI
Rate Schedules
Lists of the costs and fees associated with the use of PARI programs and facilities.
Astro Advisories
Notices of upcoming Astronomical Events
PARI Annual Reports
Once a year PARI publishes an annual report that highlights the results from research, education and public outreach programs.
Summer Student Research Proceedings
At the conclusion of PARI's summer educational programs we publish the research prceedings generated by the student project.
Overview Powerpoint
PARI's Policies and Procedures
Visitor Logs

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