Star of Bethlehem - Sirius

EAP: December Star of Bethlehem

Evening at PARI: The Star of Bethlehem

Join us for dinner and Evening at PARI as we take an astronomical look at the Star of Bethlehem.

Astronomers and others throughout history have tried to understand the astronomical event popularly known as the Star of Bethlehem. Was it a star? A meteor? A planetary conjunction? Data is scarce and is generally limited to scriptural references. But, curious astronomers through the centuries have endeavored to come up with an explanation for the phenomenon the magi saw so long ago. The public is invited to join PARI astronomers Mike Castelaz and Bob Hayward Friday, December 8 at PARI as they reprise their roles as modern-day magi Melchior and Balthazar to discuss many of these hypotheses regarding this event.

This program is part of the monthly Evening at PARI series and will begin at 7:00 p.m. with the presentation, followed by a campus tour and a trip to the Exhibit Gallery. Weather permitting, the evening will also include a trip to the Nature Center where PARI astronomers and volunteers will point out the constellations and use PARI’s telescopes to view the planet Mars, the moon and deep-sky objects such as the Great Galaxy in Andromeda.

The event will take place regardless of the weather so attendees are encouraged to dress appropriately and wear comfortable walking shoes. Each participant will also have the opportunity to have a photo taken with a PARI telescope and will receive a subscription to the PARI newsletter.

Reservations are required and will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. the day of the event. For the first time, we will also offer dinner, starting at 5:30pm, before the Evening at PARI program. The cost is $20 per adult ($35 including dinner), $15 for seniors/military ($30 including dinner), $5 per child ages 6-10 ($13 including dinner). Children 5 and under are admitted free (dinner is free). Register and pay using the PARI Event Calendar. For additional information contact Chelena Blythe at 828-862-5554 or


“Carolina Heart” Amethyst Now on Display

The intriguing Carolina Heart amethyst is now on display at PARI

A 25,000-carat triple-cluster amethyst named “The Carolina Heart” is now on display in the PARI Exhibit Gallery. The unusual specimen is from the collection of PARI Founder Don Cline and was discovered at the Reel Mine in Lincoln County, NC.

The PARI collection also includes hundreds of other museum-grade mineral specimens from North Carolina and other sites around the world.

The meteorite section of the Gallery includes a specimen from 1492 that is a piece of the very first meteorite documented to have fallen to earth. The Gallery includes meteorite specimens that have been gathered from around the world and includes pieces of Mars and the Earth’s Moon.

Located in the Cline Administration Building, the Exhibit Gallery is open 9-4 Monday through Saturday and is included as part of the campus general admission fee: $6 per person ($18 max per family), children 10 and under free.

Jo Cline Memorial Fund

Jo Cline Memorial Fund

The Jo Cline Memorial Fund has been established to honor Jo Cline, First Lady of PARI.

A PARI co-founder, Jo served as Chairman of the Board for most of the years of PARI’s existence. She is memorialized at PARI with a scenic park in the heart of the campus, Jo’s Cove.

Tax deductible contributions can be sent to PARI, 1 PARI Drive, Rosman, NC 28772. Please designate your donation to the Jo Cline Memorial Fund.

Jo Cline
Memorial Fund