CWRU – Burrell-Schmidt Telescope

CWRU – Burrell-Schmidt Telescope

Warner & Swasey Observatory – Case Western Reserve University – Burrell-Schmidt Telescope.  Since 1941, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) has been successful in probing the universe using the 24/36 inch Burrell-Schmidt telescope (see photo below).  APDA has over 23,500 photographic images (1941-1994) taken on glass plates using this telescope.

The telescope spent its first 38-years in Ohio before moving in 1979 to the clearer skies near Tucson, AZ, at NOAO’s Kitt PeaK National Observatory. The Burrell-Schmidt telescope is shared between CWRU and the NOAO astronomical community. The following image is a 150 minute exposure taken with the Burrell-Schmidt. It shows M31 (NGC 224) and its tiny bright companions M32 (NGC 221), lower center, and NGC 205 (sometimes designated M110), to the upper right. M31 is approximately 2,538,000 light years from earth.

Andromeda Galaxy (M31) – Burrell-Schmidt Telescope – 26 October 1981 – Plate #6837
Case-6837 19811026 M31 Crop Rot.jpg


Burrell-Schmidt Telescope
Warner & Swasey Observatory at Kitt Peak Station 1


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