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Education at PARI

Looking for an extraordinary learning experience?

PARI’s educational initiatives are based on experiential, hands-on learning that takes science out of the classroom and into the realm of the imagination. We understand that students in the 21st Century are engaged with computer-based, high-energy learning-by-doing experiences from a very early age. Traditional methods of teaching science – rote memorization – leave many students lacking basic science literacy and needed competencies. Consequently, we are not graduating enough students in the sciences to provide the technology labor pool so vital to our nation’s continued prosperity.

In attracting students to science, PARI can succeed where others cannot because we make science fun. Our students are not handed problems in a classroom with the answers in the back of the book. Here, there is no book! We engage students in hands-on problem-solving activities and were achieving success with this kind of learning experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education long before “STEM” became a popular acronym.

PARI was founded with a three-pronged mission: Research, Education and Public Outreach. Education is the central pillar and our educational audience is K-gray: kindergarten through 12th grade, undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and retired. Anyone with curiosity will love the PARI experience. We offer educational opportunities on campus, in schools, at venues elsewhere and online. We even offer special programs for children being schooled at home.

PARI is an unconventional laboratory, a place where pure research combines with practical application and learning. A place where world-class researchers work side-by-side with children getting the first glimpse of the universe that will be their future. A place where people can begin their education and be inspired to continue.

But mostly, PARI is a place where learning is fun! Come join us!!!