Duke Tip

Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program)

Duke TIP program group at PARI

Since 2002, PARI and Duke TIP have worked together to provide an exceptional summer program experience for academically gifted and talented high school students.  The Duke TIP offering at PARI is a two-week course in Astronomy, Physics and Astrobiology.

Each student enrolled in the PARI course spends two weeks on campus exploring astrophysics, stellar and galactic astronomy, astrobiology and astronomical instrumentation. The program includes research studies using PARI radio and optical telescopes as well as some formal class sessions. Students engage in original research under the direction of PARI astronomers and Duke TIP staff, then write and present a summary of their work.  Distinguished scientists and astronomers are often on campus to present their research and studies in a series of invited guest lectures.

Each session is designed for approximately 30 students.  The program has proven so popular and successful that in recent years it has been expanded to two full sessions each summer.

Duke TIP group at PARI 2015Duke TIP is a global leader in gifted and talented education, with a special focus on finding exceptionally bright students who often go unrecognized.  Duke TIP educational and research programs seek to identify and support minority students and students from less affluent families who are at risk for not being identified as gifted.

For more information about Duke TIP and for registration opportunities, please visit www.tip.duke.edu