Field Trips

Field Trips to PARI

Educators:  PARI offers a variety of experiences for your students on our 200-acre campus.  A typical visit consists of two programs, each approximately 45-minutes long.  Click on the pictures or titles below to further explore these options.

AdventureDome Portable Planetarium
can be set up on PARI’s campus to host your students in programs designed to support the curriculum objectives in both North and South Carolina.

The Galaxy Walk
takes your students on an outdoor trek that starts with the Milky Way and the Sun, and ends about a quarter mile away with Pluto and a plaque about our nearest star other than the Sun.  (Weather dependent)

Astronomy education programs
are available for your class that cover a variety topics.  PARI’s astronomers and educators can also design experiences for your students based on your special requests.

Evening observing sessions
are already available for your students to visit PARI’s campus with their families and friends.  Should you so desire, ask us about a special nighttime observing session designed for your students.