Site Support

Site Support


PARI engineers, scientists, consultants, facilities personnel and support staff are available to assist with research projects being conducted by visiting scientists. Services can be provided for project set-up and for ongoing project maintenance while the visiting scientist is away from the PARI campus. In certain instances, remote monitoring can also be provided.

A full-time site security officer ensures that PARI security and monitoring systems are functioning properly, installs new technology and patrols the site regularly.

Full-time personnel, a site support engineer and the facilities coordinator, function as safety officers to ensure that fire systems are inspected and are up to date, that other facility systems are in proper working order and that tasks are conducted on site under strict safety protocols and procedures. The officers also routinely inspect the campus for hazards that could endanger personnel, visitors or site equipment.


PARI has two bucket trucks for maintenance of antenna, towers, and trees and for use in various projects. Two tractors, a John Deere and a Massey Ferguson, include attachments for buckets, forks, scrape blades, bush hogs and a landscape rake. A Kawasaki Mule and a John Deere Gator are used to shuttle workers, visitors and equipment around the site. Other equipment includes a trencher with a backhoe attachment for burying cable and cutting ditches, a GMC Fire Engine and a zero-turn eXmark mower with a 72-inch deck.

Metal Shop

A fully stocked metal shop is available for fabricating and repairing metallic equipment. Equipment includes a drill press, lathe, milling machine, metal press brake, MIG and ARC welders, cutting torches, metal circular saw, a cutoff saw and an assortment of other tools.

Carpentry Shop

The PARI carpentry shop is used as an assembly area for equipment and is available to cut and prefabricate wooden features such as display cases, walls and dividers. The shop is equipped with a reciprocating saw, band saw, circular saws, jig saws, a table saw and a number of drills as well as tools to work with concrete, plastics, roofing materials and other construction materials.

Other Shops

PARI also maintains smaller shops that are organized to support projects that require plumbing, electrical and HVAC tasks. These shops contain pipe, pipe cutters, fittings, meters and measuring instruments, cable, receptacles and other equipment.

Specialty Features

The PARI radio frequency lab is located in the basement of the Research Building. The lab has several RF generators, spectrum analyzers, signal testing equipment and an anechoic chamber.

The PARI electronics lab is located in the lower level of the Cline Administration Building and contains wire, fittings, connectors, power supplies and a variety of meters and other test equipment

The personal computer lab, also called the PC Hospital, is adjacent to the data center in the Cline Administration Building and is used to assemble new IT equipment and to test and repair existing equipment. It is also used to update IT equipment with new hard drives and extended memory.