0.4m Research Grade Optical Telescope

0.4 Meter Research Grade Optical Telescope

West Optical Observatory

Current Sky Condition

0.40m Telescope + Apogee Camera

Recent image taken with an Apogee Alta E42 2048x2048 CCD camera through the 0.4m telescope.

The telescope is a 0.4m f/8 RC, scale = 64.5 arcsec/mm.


The camera is an Apogee Alta E42 2048x2048 CCD. The CCD chip has 13.5 micron x 13.5 micron pixels and imaging area of 27.6 mm x 27.6 mm. With this imaging area and the scale of the telescope, the angular field of view is 29.7 arcmin x 297.7 arcmin. The telescope scale on the chip is 0.870 arcsec/pixel. There is no telecompressor.


Filter set = Bessell UBVRI and a clear filter.


A 25 second exposures at V on a 9th magnitude star will saturate the image.