PARI Lightning Detector

Lightning Detector

Lightning Strike Display and History for last 24 hours


Current lightning activity measured from the PARI Campus

The lightning detector shows strikes within 200 miles of PARI.

The detector uses two Very Low Frequency receivers at different frequencies to form a bearing and range indication which the computer plots on screen.

This data is for informational purposes only and is not to be used for protection of life or property.

This is a depiction of the current lightning activity in the region. Larger symbols represent more recent strokes. The count in the upper left corner is the number of strokes detected in the last minute.

For the newest strokes, cloud-to-ground is shown as a small yellow lightning bolt, and intercloud/intracloud is shown as red triangles.

For older strokes, green and cyan denote cloud-to-ground discharges, and blue and pink denote intercloud/intracloud discharges.