Space Shuttle Artifacts Now on Display

See artifacts that have flown in space

PARI is one of the few sites in the U.S. selected by NASA to receive and display Space Shuttle artifacts, many of which have flown in space.

Our collection features a massive tire from STS-121, a Discovery mission to the International Space Station. The tire spent 13 days in space, traveled 5.3 million miles and touched down July 17, 2006, at the Kennedy Space Center.

Also on display is a Space Shuttle wing section made to withstand temperatures of 3,000°F. The section we display cost $500,000 to manufacture and is similar to the section that was damaged on the ill-fated Columbia mission.

The Exhibit Gallery is also home to several satellites and models, some donated to PARI and others on long-term loans from the Smithsonian Institution and NASA. The PARI collection includes NASA and space memorabilia collected by Friends of PARI volunteer Alex Alexander, who worked 34 years in the space industry and operated satellites that were deployed by the Space Shuttle.

In addition to space artifacts, the Galley features hundreds of museum-grade meteorites and minerals. The meteorite collection includes pieces of Mars and the Earth’s Moon and a specimen from 1492 that is a piece of the very first meteorite documented to have fallen to earth.

Located in the Cline Administration Building, the Exhibit Gallery is open 9-4 Monday through Saturday and is included as part of the campus general admission fee: $6 per person ($18 max per family), children 10 and under free.

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