Why Support PARI?

Why Support PARI?

THE ROLE OF PARI — Long a world leader in science and technology, in recent years the United States has begun falling behind in the development of the next generation of scientists and inventors. Fewer American students are entering the STEM disciplines and those who do are generally well behind many of their peers in other countries. NASA does not have enough young scientists and many technology firms now turn overseas to hire.

Institutions like PARI help new students to science by making science fun and interesting. At PARI, students are not confined to classrooms. They participate in hands-on learning experiences. They do not look up answers in the back of a book – because there is no book! They learn by doing. PARI provides the opportunity for students to try, fail, correct their mistakes and learn. This approach has a well-documented rate of success.

PARI makes a difference, but we need your help. Your support is an investment: an investment in the lives of children and their learning development; an investment in empowering people through learning and discovery; an investment in what makes America great — exceptional science and technology education for ALL!

MISSION — PARI is a public not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on educational and research opportunities for a broad cross-section of users in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

VISION — PARI will be a world-class national facility of learning, exploration, imagination and discovery in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines that transforms lives and empowers all people, from K to grey, to self-determine their own lives and the lives of their families and their communities.

IMPACT — PARI is a place where science excites the imagination: an unusual observatory that can host, side-by-side, world-class researchers expanding the scope of human knowledge, and children getting their first glimpse of the universe that will be a part of their future.

PARI houses both optical and radio telescopes, and on this campus research and education extend beyond the classroom, providing experiential, hands-on learning that involves real science. PARI programs include on-site and remote learning opportunities for all levels of students: K-12, undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and retired professionals.

Astronomy is the creative expression of math, physics, computer science and engineering, allowing students to use their imaginations to explore and discover. Accessibility to this type of learning environment is very rare.

While the value of an institution like PARI to individuals is enormous, to our society it is priceless. Astronomy was the first science, the bedrock of all technology that followed. In the modern era, cell phones, television, radio and broadband wireless Internet were all developed by scientists and engineers working with radio frequency technology, a primary science at PARI. For our nation to remain at the forefront of emerging technology, we must nurture this science and meet the urgent need to develop a workforce of scientists and engineers who are capable of bridging pure research and practical application.

We need a place to promote science. We need a place where world-class researchers can try unconventional ideas; a place where pure research combines with practical application; a place where people can begin their education and be inspired to continue. PARI is such a place. It is an unparalleled opportunity to take research and education out of the classroom and into the realm of the imagination.