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4.6-Meter Radio Telescope (Smiley)

PARI's School for Galactic Radio Astronomy (SGRA) program allows high school teachers to use this radio telescope remotely from the classroom.

The PARI 4.6m "Smiley" remote access radio telescope is used by students to introduce them to Radio Astronomy.  The goal is to provide hands-on data collection using remote access of the antenna for high school and college classes. It has also been a useful tool for demonstrating remote control and interface software and hardware to college students.

To operate Smiley, teachers must attend a continuing education workshop.  They are trained on how to use radio astronomy in their lesson plans and how to access Smiley via the Internet. For classroom use each teacher is provided a password to schedule time on Smiley. Smiley can only have one person controlling at a time. But, via the web access many students in different classes can watch the live picture as Smiley records data or is moved.

The antenna is currently configured for 21 cm (1.42 GHz) neutral hydrogen reception.


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