Visitor Policies & Procedures

Visitor Policies & Procedures

Welcome to PARI! We are glad that you are planning to visit our campus.

Safety and Security are primary concerns at PARI. To maintain the proper level of safety and security for everyone at PARI, we operate using certain policies and procedures. There are specific safety concerns associated with our facilities and instruments. Because we host many visitors, including young people, we must know who is on campus at all times.

Visitors to PARI are requested to review the following policies and procedures and fully comply with them all.

When you arrive on campus you will be asked to complete a form that indicates that you have read and understand these policies and procedures. We would also like to collect emergency contact information to have on record.

Visitor Sign-In:

PARI needs to maintain records of who is present on site at all times. Visitors must sign in at the front desk of Building One when they arrive on campus. They must sign out upon leaving campus. It is imperative that all visitors follow this procedure so that PARI staff is aware of who is on campus in the event of an emergency.

Following PARI Staff Instructions:

All visitors must fully comply with the instructions of PARI staff. This is particularly true with regard to the use of our various instruments. Failure to follow this policy will result in the visitor be escorted from the campus and they will not be allowed to return.

Background Check:

Frequent visitors acknowledge that PARI may conduct criminal background checks on frequent visitors to protect the safety and security of our guests. They agree to supply information necessary to conduct a check. Information provided by visitors will be handled and stored confidentially.

Computer Usage:

Anyone bringing a personal computer onto the PARI campus must receive permission from the Director of Information Technology prior to connecting to PARI’s network. The Director of Information Technology may require a virus scan to be performed. Wireless Networking Devices are not allowed on the PARI campus. Data stored on PARI computers is considered to be PARI property. PARI proprietary data, software and other work product should not be taken off-site without the approval of the Executive Director and the Director of Information Technology. A visitor’s connection to the internet via the PARI network does not imply an expectation of privacy. Visitors must register their computer and other electronic equipment when they sign in.

Video Surveillance

Visitors need to be aware that video cameras are recording activities throughout the PARI campus 24 hours a day and evidence of any illegal activities may be shared with the proper authorities.


Smoking and Tobacco Products

PARI is a non-smoking, non-tobacco product environment. Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, and the use of all tobacco products is strictly not permitted on site.

Alcohol and Drugs:

The use of illegal drugs is not permitted at PARI. The use of alcohol will only be permitted at PARI during sanctioned events that are approved by the President in advance. Otherwise, the use of alcohol at PARI is not permitted. Anyone suspected using drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave PARI campus.


Firearms are not permitted on the PARI campus.



Pets are subject to the following restrictions on PARI Campus:

  1. Pets are not allowed in the buildings
  2. Pets must be on a 6 foot or shorter leash with someone present at all times or kept in vehicle.
  3. Owner must clean up after their pet.

Maintaining a Proper Research Environment:

Research at PARI requires that special attention be given to lights and electro-magnetic radiation on the site. PARI employees and frequent visitors are required to do everything possible to maintain the site free of RF transmissions. At times, the use of non-diesel vehicles may be prohibited at PARI. Also the use of white flash lights or automobile lights at night may be restricted.