Camp Connect 2020
Camp Connect 2020


A Virtual Camp Experience That is

Out Of This World!

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Camp Connect is a virtual summer camp designed to engage students about space, but from home!
Your camper will receive all the materials and support videos you need to learn about space and astronomy through hands-on activities.
Some of the inspiring space sciences include: astronomy, cryptography, astrobiology, earth science, weather and geology, space law, aerospace engineering, health and nutrition in space, art and more!
We also provide you with a home-made camp experience, with s’mores, t-shirts and achievement badges for each activity.
To learn more about Camp Connect, check our instagram at @pariastronomy, or contact us by email at or call us at 828-862-5554.


The Learning Center at PARI is a STEM principled hands-on-learning combined with fun outdoor adventures. Nestled in the Pisgah National Forest at a historic NASA satellite tracking and communication facility.