The Learning Center at PARI  offers continuing education o
pportunities for students, researchers, educators, and organizations.


Internships & Individual or Small Group Projects

The internships offered are opportunities to gain real experience in any of the wide range of topics that are conducted at Learning Center at PARI. Student interns are usually college undergraduates but can be graduate students as well. Once the learning goals are established, a mentor is paired with the student to guide their exploration. Interns are unpaid and the path they take is largely based on their own interests. The Learning Center will work with educational institutions to document internships and provide school credit, if available. Work may be done on-site or remotely. When appropriate, lodging and food may be provided for interns. Topics can include things like:
  • Working with instruments that collect data from astronomical, environmental, or earth science sources. Or, creating and deploying new instruments.
  • Software engineering projects to build the interfaces and systems that support research, education, and public access to instruments and data. Software projects may also be maintenance or development of citizen science applications.
  • Assisting with, or leading tours and experiences for visitors or other students.
  • Developing new exhibits or educational content.
  • Partner with the Learning Center’s staff or volunteers to gain experience in a variety of skills including hospitality and food service, event planning, marketing, trail maintenance, site maintenance, security, or computer hardware and software upkeep.

Research Fellows

Students at the college undergraduate or graduate level are eligible to apply for Research Fellowship positions. These fellowships are sponsored by individuals, organizations, or grants, and have very specific goals for the student to fulfill. They include a stipend and room and board. GPA requirements apply and recommendations from instructors are required. Topics are designed to give a taste of what a career in the related field might be like, and may have a product or resource to be created as part of the fellowship.

The Learning Center as a Research Resource

For individuals or organizations with their own research projects or goals, the Learning Center can provide access and support to our existing instruments, data, and facilities. Our goals are to make the tools for science accessible, and we maintain a variety of equipment and archives that can be accessed remotely, or used on site.

The Learning Center as an Instrument Host

Our remote secure location with data centers and multiple/redundant connections to high-speed (fiber optic) data networks and power, makes the Learning Center a perfect host for instruments and data archives. We maintain relationships with over a dozen universities, organizations, businesses, government entities, and individual researchers to provide a home for their equipment and provide secure and reliable data access.

The Learning Center as an Experience Host

Educators wanting to give their students a one of a kind experience can partner with the Learning Center to have instructional access to instruments and resources, classroom space, lodging and food. Educators can provide their own content or take advantage of optional educational and IT support. Topics are not restricted to sciences but can be tied to any educational program that would be enhanced by the setting of a former NASA station rich in history nestled within a pristine national forest. Creative writing, outdoor education, history, and communications are some topics beyond science and math that have been explored here.



Interested in being a Learning Center Camp Counselor?

We are currently accepting applications for our 2020 Summer Programs.
After nearly two decades of supporting the research and projects of extraordinary undergraduates during our summer season, we have found that the most rewarding experiences have been reported by those who have become involved in the camps and workshops offered to younger students. When they have taken responsibility for an aspect of curriculum like breaking news in astrobiology, an instrument like a radio telescope, an activity like building and launching model rockets, or even guiding morning jogs through the trails on the site, they become a part of the inspiration the Learning Center sparks in others and feel a sense of ownership over a facility that has shaped lives.
So, our summer positions combine the best of what has been done in the past. We’ll be looking for candidates who are interested in taking on two roles. Part of the summer will consist of hands on education, research, and recreational activities with campers and becoming a role model and guide for their exploration of STEM and space science. These counselors will also have the opportunity to plan their own research or project while taking advantage of the Learning Center facilities, instruments and the support of its staff. This position includes lodging, meals, and a stipend.
Download this packet for additional information and everything you’ll need to apply!