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What does a donation do?

$25 provides: An hour of remote use of a radio telescope through our web-based tools for teachers or students.

$150 provides: Training for a teacher on how to use a Radio Telescope

remotely in their classroom, and offering their students hands-on use of complete

labs that meet Math and Science curriculum standards and increase student engagement. This curriculum will show educators how to measure the expansion of a Supernova Remnant or map the concentration of Hydrogen gas in a nebula.

$350 provides: A set of 3D printed tactile resources for a school or museum. Models allow students to hold a representation of another place in the universe in their hands and feel it. This program is very useful for students with vision impairments and includes Braille labels. Models include craters, volcanoes, and canyon systems on the Moon, Mars, and other planets, as well as scale models of the solar system and exoplanetary systems.

$500 provides: An educator visit to a school in the region with our portable planetarium for a day of shows. Students will experience the night sky in their own school gymnasium with a focus on astronomy and space science concepts that match with their current studies in Math, Science, or History.

$1000 provides: A day-long field trip to PARI for a bus full of students, their teachers, and chaperones. This experience includes a campus tour, hot meal, planetarium show, and a variety of hands-on educational activities (optical/radio telescopes).

$6500 provides: Sponsorships for a summer research fellowship for college undergraduates. College students who participate in the research fellowships receive a focused project and time with mentors to guide them over an eight week period. Lodging and food are provided, along with a stipend and any materials they need for their project. Sponsorship can additionally cover a trip to a national astronomy conference, where they can present their work and meet other researchers in the field.

$7000 provides: A four-day workshop for 20 middle school students that teaches them about planetary geology, three-dimensional spatial thinking, satellite data analysis, computer 3D modeling, Braille/tactile learning, and 3D printing in a regional hosting organization. This workshop provides students with the necessary tools to explore how data is collected about other planets and then used to model them. Students will learn skills that will help them think of themselves as an engineer or researcher while helping build confidence in science and math. Students will also create actual educational models to be used in schools and museums within their community. Students also receive a $100 stipend, which reinforces that the work they have done is valuable, and will also assist with any transportation costs incurred by their family (as the workshop targets underserved populations).

$10,000 provides: A weekend experience for high school or college students at our campus. Students stay on site for two nights with meals provided and spend time with educators and scientists. The experience also includes an overview of the campus’ history, and the current mission. Students collaborate with instructors to create a set of lessons using the Learning Center’s instruments to collect and analyze real data and draw conclusions in ways that support their studies. This opportunity provides a true representation of space science research. Once trained, students may retain access to the instruments to continue use remotely through the semester.

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