Space and AstronomySTEM – SPACE & ASTRONOMY CAMP

(Our most advanced camp)

Our STEM – Space and Astronomy camp, ‘Above and Beyond’ is an in-depth, hands-on space science and research experience. It is a multi-faceted world of space science and research designed in partnership with Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) Field Studies. This camp explores the universe through astronomy, physics, and astrobiology. Above & Beyond models the process that college graduates, undergraduates, and researchers use to make new discoveries and publish works. This camp contains advanced content. It is highly recommended that Algebra 1 be completed before attending.


  • Learning and applying the fundamental concepts of astrophysics & astrobiology
  • Independent and group research projects
  • Hands-on instrument (radio and optical telescopes) training and understanding their purpose as they relate to the fields of physics, astronomy, and astrobiology
  • Develop research methodology through planning and implementation
  • Analyze data consistent with prior research
  • Formulate conclusions of the nature of celestial objects using scientific data
  • Curriculum parallels material taught in college-level courses working with the same instruments and resources available to astrophysicists who visit PARI to advance their research
  • Special guest speakers


  • Confidence Building & Leadership Development – outdoor team participation events
  • Celestial Viewing – participate in exploring the night sky through the use of ‘research capable’ optical telescopes
  • Recreational and Fun Activities – exploring the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains.  May include day trips, such as hiking and picnicking, visits to waterfalls and swimming, tubing (with professional outfitters), introduction to rock climbing & rappelling (safety always paramount), activities with other local camps, visits to special places and events, and entertainment by musicians and artists.


STEM – Space and Astronomy camp, Above & Beyond is available to students grades 6th – 12th, as a residential camp. 

CAMP BEGINS:  Calendar

Two week session –  weeks 6/7 – 6/18/2020
Three week session –  weeks 6/7 – 6/25/2020
Two Week Session Price:    $3,960.00 – Click To Register
Three Week Session Price: $5,994.00 – Click To Register•


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