Science Camp - 3D printing; mapping planetary geologySPACE CAMP –  ‘ASTRO EXPLORER’

Planetary geography, 3D design and printing, data and animation, communications, computational thinking

Our STEM space camp, ‘Astro Explorer’ takes an in depth look into how computers process, store and work with data.  Campers will learn techniques to discover patterns in data – and display them in vibrant and creative ways such as animation. You will learn a little bit of coding. Explore, map, and 3D print the exact legendary locations that Neil Armstrong took his “one giant leap for mankind,” and the mammoth Martian volcano Olympus Mons! This is a Lunar & Planetary Institute recognized camp, which not only teaches 3D design and printing, but also gives campers the exciting opportunity to explore planetary geology and tactile communication by utilizing data from NASA satellites to model the surfaces of the Moon and Mars!

(Learning made fun… Ideal for middle school ages)



  • Learn basic coding to creatively show patterns in data by letting your imagination guide you
  • Learn basic 3D modeling and printing techniques
  • Experience different techniques we use to communicate information to others
  • Use these techniques by learning how to work with data that represents the surface of planets
  • Designing and creating 3D models of planetary surfaces
  • Learn about geological differences between the Moon and Mars


  • Confidence Building & Leadership Development – outdoor team participation events
  • Celestial Viewing – participate in exploring the night sky through the use of ‘research capable’ optical telescopes
  • Recreational and Fun Activities – exploring the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains.  May include day trips, such as hiking and picnicking, visits to waterfalls and swimming, tubing (with professional outfitters), introduction to rock climbing & rappelling (safety always paramount), activities with other local camps, visits to special places and events, and entertainment by musicians and artists.

CAMP BEGINS:  Calendar

Two week session – TBD
Three week session –  TBD
Registration is CLOSED for this camp.  Please check back next year or contact us at to set up a camp for your group.
Registration for 2021 camps coming soon!