Space Camps – Hands-on learning

Space Camps – Space •  Astronomy  •  Science  •   Robotics  •   3D Printing  •  Cryptography

Our space camps which include astronomy, science, and robotics provide an array of learning experiences – from astronomy, physics and astrobiology (with the same equipment once used by NASA), to simulate space missions that teach leadership, teamwork and STEM principles. Or you may choose an experience in robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI); cryptography and secret messages; computational thinking; 3D design/printing and more.
PARI is located on a 200 acre historic NASA site, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, and provides a once in a lifetime exposure to science, outdoor adventure, leadership development, social comradery and fun.

2021 SUMMER STEM CAMPS |  Registration will open soon!  All camps are co-ed.

Above & Beyondexplore astronomy, physics, and astrobiology
Operation Nebulasimulating space missions that teach leadership, teamwork and STEM principles
A Rover’s Journeyrobotics, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI)
Astro Explorerscomputational thinking, 3D design & printing
Secrets of a Spy Stationlearn about cryptography and create secret messages
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Interested in being a Learning Center Camp Counselor?
We are currently accepting applications for our 2020 Summer Programs.
After nearly two decades of supporting the research and projects of extraordinary undergraduates during our summer season, we have found that the most rewarding experiences have been reported by those who have become involved in the camps and workshops offered to younger students. When they have taken responsibility for an aspect of curriculum like breaking news in astrobiology, an instrument like a radio telescope, an activity like building and launching model rockets, or even guiding morning jogs through the trails on the site, they become a part of the inspiration PARI sparks in others and feel a sense of ownership over a facility that has shaped lives.
So, our summer positions combine the best of what has been done in the past. We’ll be looking for candidates who are interested in taking on two roles. Part of the summer will consist of hands on education, research, and recreational activities with campers and becoming a role model and guide for their exploration of STEM and space science. These counselors will also have the opportunity to plan their own research or project while taking advantage of our facilities, instruments and the support of its staff. This position includes lodging, meals, and a stipend.
Download this packet for additional information and everything you’ll need to apply!