give a giftHelp educate an under-served child.

Over 25% of our camp attendees are supported by sponsors like you. These campers have demonstrated exceptional learning capabilities but do not have the financial means to attend summer STEM camps. We are asking for your help.  Please help us take a child out of the classroom and into the realm of the imagination.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Help educate and send an under-served child to summer STEM camp: (includes food and lodging)

Starting Age – 6th grade  

Any amount of donation will help a child.

  • One-week camp $1,045
  • Two-week camp $3,960
  • Three-week camp $5,994 value
PARI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Help us make a difference today!   
Thank you for your consideration. For additional information kindly respond to or by phone                (828) 862-5554
  • $25 provides: An hour of remote use of a radio telescope through our web-based tools for teachers or students.
  • $150 provides: Training for a teacher on how to use a Radio Telescope remotely in their classroom, and offering their students hands-on use of complete labs that meet Math and Science curriculum standards and increase student engagement. This curriculum will show educators how to measure the expansion of a Supernova Remnant or map the concentration of Hydrogen gas in a nebula.
  • $350 provides: A set of 3D printed tactile resources for a school or museum. Models allow students to hold a representation of another place in the universe in their hands and feel it. This program is very useful for students with vision impairments and includes Braille labels. Models include craters, volcanoes, and canyon systems on the Moon, Mars, and other planets, as well as scale models of the solar system and exoplanetary systems.
  • $500 provides: An educator visit to a school in the region with our portable planetarium for a day of shows. Students will experience the night sky in their own school gymnasium with a focus on astronomy and space science concepts that match with their current studies in Math, Science, or History

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