3D Planets

3D Planets

3D Planets, sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Student Science Enrichment Program, is an off site program for middle school age girls in 3D design and 3D printing. Girls enrolled in this program construct new educational tools in tactile materials for educators to use with visually-impaired visitors at North Carolina science museums.

Girls ages 9 -14 work with PARI staff at their community science museum. They learn to design models of the surfaces of the Moon and Mars.  After the girls learn to add braille and geographic markers, the 3D prints are produced for immediate use at museums throughout North Carolina.  Participants can learn to design in 3D software and print their personal designs! This program has received national recognition from OPT (Oceanside Photo & Telescope) and Red Hat. OPT provided funding to extend 3D Planets into new regions. Red Hat donated laptops for the 2016 workshops.

For Parents and interested students: Please contact your local science museum to find out if they will be hosting 3D Planets.

For more information, please contact Christi Whitworth or 828-862-5554.

Typical Schedule:

MorningRegistration Introductions, Overview, etc.

Pre Surveys
3D Printing – Hardware: Printer use and safetyCombining Solid Objects WorkshopIsometric Drawings and Coded PlanesRotation of objects single axis

Rotation of objects two or more axis
Early AfternoonSurfaces and Solids of Revolution IntroductionPreparing for Engineering Disciplines3D Printing – first testOrthographic DrawingsCutting planes
Late AfternoonSurfaces and Solids of Revolution Workshop3D Printing – Software InstructionRemote printing at PARISurface Map Final DrawingsRequired printing files for the next year

3D Planets Modeling