Research at PARI . . .

Unraveling the secrets of the universe, from the ground up

PARI’s roots are in space science, but over the years campus research has grown from astronomy to include other scientific disciplines such as atmospheric science, environmental science, computer science and engineering projects. Scientists in disciplines requiring a stable environment, with little light and radio interference pollution, situated in a remote but easily accessible area, are invited to contact PARI for use of the campus and its instruments.

PARI’s two signature instruments, our 26m radio telescopes, are available for use individually or as an interferometer.  They are currently equipped with new 2.3 GHz and 8.4 GHz receivers.

PARI is particularly well suited to support long-term survey, monitoring and target of opportunity programs for visiting scientists. The programs may take advantage of existing infrastructure and instruments at PARI, or researchers can add their own instruments.

Surrounded by the Pisgah Forest, the PARI campus is a rich biosphere suitable for any number of earth science experiments.

PARI has robust, state-of-the-art computing power, networking and data storage. Internet access is available across the 200-acre campus, so experiments may be controlled remotely. Labs, offices and housing are also available.

PARI is a not-for-profit foundation. As such, we ask that visiting scientists secure funding to support their research. PARI’s Site Administration works closely with visiting scientists to help minimize costs associated with staff and equipment support.