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PARI is a public, not-for-profit organization supporting the education of space science since 1999.

PARI encourages a lifelong love of space and science for students, educators and guests. Our community has grown from visitors to volunteers, campers to counselors, staff to space scientists—all of whom play a role in inspiring the next generation of space explorers. We invite you to become a part of our space family and our culture of learning. Discover an appreciation for helping to build the future of space exploration.

PARI’s goal is to provide inspiration and make space sciences more accessible to the next generation

From one-time opportunities to ongoing partnerships, your involvement can help provide a path for future scientists to discover a love of space exploration. 100% of your investment in PARI supports the education of our future scientists.

There are a variety of ways to support PARI:


Aspiring space explorers can attend summer camp through a sponsor like you.  Our generous supporters have provided scholarship funds that support nearly 50% of our camp attendees. These campers often do not have the financial means and depend on our community’s support in order to attend our STEM summer camps. We often find our sponsored campers leaving PARI with newfound confidence, inspiration, and love of space science.

Only with your support do we have this opportunity to spark a deeper interest in space exploration and learning. When that spark ignites, there is no greater return on investment—the joy of knowing that it was your contribution that helped launch a child into the universe of space science and opportunity. 

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Mini camp $1,000
Full Camp Session $3,960
Extended Camp Session $5,994

Partial Scholarships:
$25 - $1000


Your donation will provide training and resources for teachers to supplement their curriculum with experiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide their classes.

$25 provides an hour of remote use of a radio telescope through our web-based tools for teachers or students.

$150 provides training for a teacher on how to use a radio telescope remotely in their classroom and offers their students hands-on use of complete labs that meet math and science curriculum standards and increase student engagement.

$350 provides a set of 3D printed tactile resources for a school or museum. Models allow students to hold a representation of another place in the universe in their hands. Models include craters, volcanoes and canyon systems on the Moon, Mars and other planets, as well as scale models of the solar system and exoplanetary systems.

$500 provides a PARI educator visit to a school in the region with our portable planetarium for a day of shows. Students will experience the night sky in their own school gymnasium with a focus on astronomy and space science concepts that match with their current studies.

$3,000 provides a class of students with at set of hands on kits to explore a variety of space science concepts.  We work closely with teachers to make sure kits are tailored to enhance the topics students are already studying, while providing real examples of how what they learn can lead to careers in the exploration of space.

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Corporate partnerships are critical in supporting and attracting qualified graduates to STEM education. Space programs and their underlying scientific disciplines feed many advances on Earth – health, medicine, energy, environment, communications, transportation, IT, public safety. If we don’t arm our current and future explorers with what they need to reach the next frontier, we’ll be left behind.

  • Our STEM skill shortage is getting worse—the US is falling further behind the rest of the world. For every one STEM grad, China has 293 (World Economic Forum). STEM graduates are increasing, but not fast enough to meet the demand.
  • Through corporate leadership, teaching participation and co-branding outreach, PARI can attract the best and the brightness to our programs. Together we can support talented scientists and stay competitive for the future.
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Enrich a student’s education or research-based learning by developing a grant allowing the recipient to pursue her/his educational goals at PARI.


All revenue from our business services is reinvested into educational programming for our youngest scientists.


We are happy to welcome volunteers who would prefer to offer their time or lend a hand in keeping PARI a special place that our guests and campers love to visit.
To our partners, collaborators, contributors, friends, and volunteers, both past and present:

Thank You!

These are just a few of those who’ve helped us guide learners to their next frontier.