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From specialized tours and events to hands-on activities and lectures, PARI provides unique experiences for visitors of all ages.



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Ongoing Events

These are available on many dates. Registration is required.
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Guided Gallery Tours
📅 Available on multiple dates
Learn how light is used to explore the night sky. See and touch objects that have been to space and meteorites that fell to Earth. View rocks and minerals that are beautiful and important to science. Explore our fluorescent tunnel.
Outdoor Site & History Tours
📅 Available on multiple dates
Our 200+ acre site is full of natural beauty and rich in history. Hike trails or take a shuttle to see the sites and hear the stories from NASA, to Department of Defense, to PARI.
Evening Optical Viewings
📅 Available on multiple dates
Come just before dark to meet with a PARI astronomer who will show you the best of what the sky has to offer. You can join one of our public nights or observing events availale several times a month. Private observings with a dedicated astronomer are occasionally available as well.
Dark Sky Astronomy Nights
📅 Available on multiple dates
Bring your own viewing equipment and set it up for your own custom, self-led experience.

Scheduled Public Events

These unique and one of a kind events are available on specific dates. Registration is required.

Featured Events:
Saturn's Rings & Galileo's Moons - An Evening at PARI Event
📅 September 22nd 2023
Saturn and Jupiter will be bright and bold in the night sky. The moons of Jupiter orbit just as Galileo saw them. The light reflected from the delicate rings of Saturn will fill you with wonder.
Annular Solar Eclipse
📅 October 14th 2023
Get ready for an awe-inspiring journey into the world of solar wonders! Your day will be filled with education, fascination, and breathtaking views. Witness the dance of the Sun and Moon at PARI for this rare event.
Anniversary Celebration and Open House
📅 October 28th 2023
Join us to celebrate 60 years of space science! This free open house event will feature actvities for the whole family. Learn, have fun, and explore with us!
Orionids Meteor Shower
📅 October 20th 2023
Nothing beats a night of shooting stars after a day taking in the beautiful autumn colors in the mountains. Choose from three ways to experience this brilliant display of shooting stars, guided by PARI astronomers.
Leonids Meteor Shower
📅 November 17th 2023
When Leo the Lion roars, out come shooting stars! Choose from three ways to experience this brilliant display of shooting stars, guided by PARI astronomers.
Geminids Meteor Shower
📅 December 15th 2023
It will be a cold night, but this meteor shower will make you feel warm inside. Choose from three ways to experience this brilliant display of shooting stars, guided by PARI astronomers.
Upcoming Events:

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