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PARI has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to spark interest and provide a path for the next generation of space scientists.

Space sciences and their underlying disciplines touch every aspect of new technology development.

From food to communication, transportation to public safety, space is the next frontier and exploring it has become more important than ever.  If we don’t arm future explorers with what they need to reach the next frontier, they’ll miss opportunities and be left behind.

PARI can help inspire and prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s exciting challenges.


STEM careers are rewarding in other ways as well.  Take a look at some of the numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Explore PARI's History

Construction first began at the PARI site in 1962, when NASA selected the location for one of the nation’s first satellite tracking stations. During the next three decades, NASA and the Department of Defense invested several hundred million dollars in the secure, 200-acre campus until operations were relocated in 1995. Recognizing its continued potential, Don and Jo Cline acquired the site in 1998 and PARI was born.

Explore PARI Facility

PARI, along with the help of gracious donors and business partners, has invested significantly in facility and equipment upgrades and offers expanded capabilities to businesses and institutions which include advanced infrastructure for satellite tracking and broadband services, centers for data hosting and secure equipment hosting.

PARI also welcomes guests of all ages with a love of science and space, offering summer space camps, tours and weekend events grounded in the education of STEM principles but also promising adventure and fun in nature.

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