Be A PARI Camp Counselor

Apply now for 2024!

Spend this summer guiding our future generation of scientists

PARI counselors play an instrumental role in inspiring a thirst for learning and discovery - while also encouraging leadership, teamwork and fun - in the next generation of scientists.

  • Our counselors play a crucial role in the health, safety, and well-being of their campers while helping to foster friendships and relationships.
  • We encourage our counselors to lead a part of the camp —like breaking news in astrobiology, radio telescope usage, building and launching model rockets, or even guiding morning jogs—so they feel a sense of responsibility in guiding the next generation of scientists to discover their passions.
  • PARI counselors are also given the opportunity to embark on their own journey of space and science research, allowing for personal growth, deeper learning and pride in a culture that they’ll take with them forever.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in taking on two roles:

  • Part of the summer will consist of hands-on education, research, and recreational activities with campers and becoming a role model and guide for their exploration of STEM and space science.
  • These counselors will also have the opportunity to plan their own research or project while taking advantage of PARI facilities, instruments and the support of its staff.
  • Download our counselor packet for additional information and everything you’ll need to apply.

“Working at PARI was the best summer job I’ve ever had. The campus was beautiful, the people were like family, and the experience was priceless.”

– Donovan, Astrophysics Major

“Working at PARI was a great way to spend a summer. The staff created a super collaborative working environment and it was a great opportunity to help kids learn about science while also conducting research of my own. And couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location!”

– Lydia, Biology Major

Counselors in Training are needed to guide our campers too!

Our Counselor in Training program is designed to give our next generation of camp leaders the experience to thrive.

Is a career in space science in your future?  Our CIT program can help you get ready!  Experience all the excitement of a summer at PARI while you learn to lead campers through their own adventure in space.  You’ll work with professional space scientists and educators as well as our counselor team of college students actively learning to take humanity on its next big steps.

CITs will spend the summer learning how a real space science education and research center operates and strengthen teamwork and leadership skills.  Their goal will be to develop an activity of their own to lead.  Have fun, do science, guide campers, and get paid!

Download and read the application packet and apply today.

Undergraduate and Graduate students looking for a place to explore space and conduct a project or research are welcome as interns

  • Most internships are unpaid, but may include housing, meals, mentorship, and access to PARI instruments, data, facilities, and other resources.
  • Internship projects can be tailored to match with your studies and PARI staff can coordinate with your school to help you get credit, when applicable.
  • Projects are not restricted to astronomy and astrophysics, but can include a variety of supporting topics in STEM fields, and areas like education and childhood development.
  • It is strongly preferred that interns can be present at PARI while conducting their projects, however, they can take place any time during the year.  Students taking online courses can often do so from PARI’s campus.