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The tools, space, and services that businesses need to discover their next big thing.

PARI offers organizations reliable instrument hosting, satellite tracking and communications, and secure data services solutions. Our business services are powered by a government-grade infrastructure with redundant power and broadband systems hosted in a remote and secure environment. An extensive fiber optic communications network allows for remote access to PARI’s radio telescopes, instruments, and data centers.


PARI’s premium business services include, but are not limited to:



Access to government-grade equipment for satellite tracking and communications ranging from low earth orbit to lunar orbit and beyond.



Secure access to the infrastructure necessary for critical business systems —including high throughput fiber optic bandwidth and redundant power.



Access to best-in-class infrastructure, land, and skilled staff necessary to host critical research equipment.

A facility perfectly situated for reliable service.

PARI was originally selected by NASA and the US Department of Defense (DoD) due to its geographic isolation and designed infrastructure.

  • The surrounding mountains provide an excellent insulator for extreme weather.
  • PARI’s infrastructure, designed and built to NASA and DOD specifications, is bonded to an expansive grounding network using large-scale cabling and is protected from damaging lightning strikes.
  • For added reliability, PARI has redundant systems in place for water, power, fire protection, and security.

Seasoned experts with a passion for space and science.

PARI’s highly trained staff is well versed in today’s equipment and ready for tomorrow’s scientific advances. Many are second and third generation PARI employees who have decades of working knowledge of PARI’s operational systems and infrastructure.


A Safe and Secure Site.

PARI’s on-site security is overseen by a full-time Director of Security and 24/7 staff. Coded gates and AI security cameras alert staff to any late-night movement and response time can be as fast as 3 minutes.


An investment that gives back.

Your partnership with PARI supports a public, not-for-profit organization that reinvests all revenues into site and high-grade research equipment development, as well as space and STEM education for the future generation of scientists.

PARI can be an extension of your business education or talent development though a partnership that develops STEM programs specific to your corporate mission. Co-development of grants and tax deductible donations can support these tailored educational programs that helps the next generation be a part of this most important space race.