Above and Beyond


Above and Beyond is PARI’s signature camping experience designed to immerse high school students in the world of space science and research while building confidence and leadership skills. Originally developed in partnership with Duke University, this 2 or 3 week space camp explores the universe through astronomy, physics, and astrobiology, while also providing time for adventure and fun.

Dates & Pricing

Two week session

June – June, 2021

Three week session

June – June, 2021

Age Groups

For Rising
9th-12th Graders

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Camp Description

  • Campers are given the knowledge and tools required to conduct an investigation into a celestial object and draw conclusions from their findings. Work is done in teams and models the process used by researchers to produce publishable work.
  • Scientists will also conduct and present astrobiological research on life in space, human or otherwise, giving campers a chance to show their individual work.
  • Guest speakers share their experiences working in space science and their paths to a career in the future of exploration and discovery.
  • Once a satellite tracking station for NASA, our 200+ acre site at 3000 feet elevation provides optimal access to radio telescopes, optical telescopes, a planetarium, a world class archive, and an array of other instruments perfect for astronomical research.
  • PARI’s emphasis on community and teamwork enables campers to establish friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Campers will participate in fun and engaging recreational activities built to encourage social comradery and confidence while exploring the spectacular Pisgah Forest and Blue Ridge Mountain region.
  • Some activities may include celestial viewing, hiking, fly-fishing, swimming, tubing and rafting, waterfall exploration, introduction to rock climbing & rappelling, competitive scavenger hunts, entertainment by local musicians and artists…and much more!

Academic Curriculum

  • Learn and apply fundamental concepts of astrophysics.
  • Learn to use optical and radio telescopes utilized in physics, astronomy, and astrobiology.
  • Develop research methodology through planning and implementation.
  • Analyze data consistently with prior research.
  • Formulate conclusions using scientific data.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Sharpen presentation skills through the delivery of scientific findings to an audience of peers and professionals.
  • Develop teamwork skills by collaborating with others while attempting to solve complex problems.

*(It is highly recommended that Algebra 1 is completed prior to attending Above and Beyond.)

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