PARI is commited to serving guests safely during COVID-19.  Please contact us to make an appointment prior to your visit.

Museum and Galleries


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Stop by the PARI museum and galleries to explore the role PARI played in pioneering the early days of the U.S. space effort and view our wide collection of rare meteorites, NASA Apollo and Space Shuttle artifacts, many of which have flown in space, and a wide collection of gems and minerals.

NASA & Space Exhibits

PARI houses a number of NASA artifacts from the Apollo and Space Shuttle eras, including various space shuttle instruments, the first satellite to enable satellite TV (done at the site) and other satellite communications, a third-scale model of a Lunar lander, a Redstone Rocket engine (first type of engine used to take people off of Earth) and a tire from the space shuttle Discovery that you can reach out and touch.

Meteorite Collection

Our meteorite collection features whole and sliced meteorites from all over the world, and some from the moon and Mars, including a piece of the very first meteorite documented to have fallen to earth in 1492. You can also get a glimpse of what is believed to be the rarest meteorite known to exist, which came from a volcano on another planet. Journey down a dark tunnel and find glowing, colorful minerals that mysteriously change appearance before your eyes!

Rock & Mineral Collection

Check out our impressive collection of gems and minerals from different parts of North Carolina, including a 15.3 carat emerald, a radioactive uranium ore, “The Carolina Heart” amethyst, garnets, quartz and mica, which is very important part of PARI history. We also have fossils and other unique collections from all over the world— including a dinosaur egg you can hold!

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