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Inspired by NASA projects and science research, PARI has created a set of space kits that bring real space research experiences to your back yard or kitchen table. Participants will have fun approaching space not only through math and physics, but also through art, health, biology, geology, chemistry and more. Kits include astronomy grade binoculars, real meteorites, as well as materials to build rockets and grow the same plants that are grown on the International Space Station… and so much more.

Space Kit Packages


Hands on Space Sciences & STEM learning. Developed by PARI utilizing over 20 years’ experience teaching young explores, including students form the Duke University Talent-Identification-Program.

Inter-Planetary – $290

  • 6 Space Kits
  • Lab Readiness Kit
  • Videos – Space Science

Inter-Stellar – $515

  • 11 Space KitsLab Readiness Kit
  • Videos – Space Science
  • Guest Speakers (live streamed or recorded)

Inter-Galactic – $750

  • All 16 Space Kits
  • Lab Readiness Kit
  • Videos – Space Science
  • Guest Speakers (live streamed or recorded)
  • Interactive Lab with Radio and Optical Telescopes (on-line)
  • Receive a 10% discount on a Summer Camp (up to $500)


Are you a teacher or group leader? Contact us for custom packages and for bulk pricing.


Q – How do I know if an activity is grade appropriate for my child?

A -Kits are designed to be completed independently by campers from ages 11 & up, with younger campers may require adult assistance on some parts. Every kit starts at a very accessible level and adds additional, optional, pieces for students who are able to work at higher levels.  Kids and adults at any level can learn something new from every activity but some portions may require an adult’s help to complete.  The materials included can often be used again and again, and there are suggestions for additional exploration that can be done.

Q – Do you provide instructions?

A – All kits comes with a video camper guide (USB drive) and printed instructions. The video guide assists campers through the activities and provides an achievement buttons that allow campers to track their progression. The core portion of every experiment can be conducted in a few hours, but all can be extended for weeks and months for further exploration.

Q – Can I get more of a material that was in a kit?

A – If you didn’t receive the amount of a material listed as being included, let us know and we’ll make it right.  If you want to do the activity multiple times and have run out of what is necessary to do it, we have most materials available for purchase separately.

Q – I have completed all the kits, now what?

A – There are new kits, guest speakers, on-line labs coming that will build on the previous kit’s foundational learning.  Notices of new kits and programs will be sent and look for more information/updates on our website.

Q – Are there scholarships available for these kits and programs?

A – As a public non-profit we are constantly working with past and new sponsors to help support these programs. Different scholarships and their sponsors may have different requirements. Some are specific on counties, ages, backgrounds, or gender. Other scholarships are based on academics. Most will have a financial requirement which is often based on whether a child is eligible for free school lunch. If you do not know if your child qualifies, it is easy to find out. Simply give us call and we will work with you to determine eligibility and we will look to see if there is available funding.

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